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Master Dongho Lee is a lifelong Martial Artist and 5th-degree black belt with 25years of Taekwondo experience.


He has also spent 15 years as a Taekwondo sparring player, graduated from a prestigious university (Dankook University) related to Taekwondo and physical education, and taught national teams in Bolivia South America and Togo in Africa.

And then he has taught Taekwondo to a higher level members in many other countries as well.

Master Dongho Lee teaches a high-quality class to the trainees through the many experiences related to Taekwondo. he also allows the trainees to develop physical, mental and social through Taekwondo classes.


Master Dong-Ho Lee

• 25 years of Taekwondo experience.

• 14 years of teaching experience.

• 15 years of sparring experience.

• Certified 5th Dan Black Belt with the World Taekwondo.

• Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.

• Certified of Taekwondo Master by Kukkiwon.

• Ministry of National Defense special duty        team in Korea.

• Certificate of completion of counter-terrorism training.

• Obama's outer guard for the president of the United States.

• Pope Francis' outer guard

• Taught national teams in Bolivia South America.

• Taught national teams in Togo Africa.

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