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Master Yeo-Hoon Yoon

Master Yeohoon Yoon has been working in Taekwondo for nearly 20 years as a master of the 5th Dan black belt.


His father has taught students for 40 years as the 7th Dan black belt Grandmaster in South Korea, and Master Yoon has trained taekwondo with his father since he was young and worked as a Taekwondo player.


He has experienced and challenged a lot of things, not just a Taekwondo master, and now he wants to join the Sky Taekwondo team and join the students like his father.


• 25 years of Taekwondo experience.

• 14 years of teaching experience.

• Certified 5th Dan Black Belt with the World Taekwondo.

• Certified of Taekwondo Master by Kukkiwon.

• Republic of Korea Army

• Experience of teaching Taekwondo in the army

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