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Master Jung ensures that all his students receive the best training in his classes. He offers positive encouragement during his classes and always treats all students with his heart and takes care of them while teaching Taekwondo.


Certified 6th degree Black Belt with the WTF.(World Taekwondo Federation)


• Special force real-life combat martial arts 6th Degree Black Belt.


• Achived Judo 2rd Degree Black Belt. 


• Achived Hapkido 3rd Degree Black Belt.


• Taekwondo International Certified Master License


•Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.


• 2006 National Martial arts Championship (1st place)


• Former Taekwondo head coach of the Korean Olympic Games.


• Krav Maga Training Drill instructor in Korean military.


•Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Art Drill instructor in Korean military.


• 2007-2010 A member of special force team at Korean military


• 2007-2010 A member of special force team in Korean military 


• Former head coach of Russia national team


• 25 years experience in Taekwondo training


• 10 years experience in Taekwondo teaching


Master Sung-Hun Jung

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